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Mary Arcana, President and Founder of Biotecher, has 20 years of biotechnology industry recruiting experience. She has earned a reputation for swift delivery of difficult-to-find scientific and managerial talent and is often called in to facilitate exceptionally tough searches. Her diverse clientele include drug development, medical device and diagnostic companies that range from early start-ups to global leaders. Prior to starting Biotecher, Mary served at a Bay Area biotech office of Management Recruiters International where she rapidly advanced to Director of Research and Development and was responsible for all recruitment and business development efforts within that sector. This early concentration in R&D gave her both the keen insight into the science and the business of product life-cycles and the big-picture perspective of the biotech industry that have benefited her many clients over the years. Mary founded Biotecher in 2004 to expand her recruitment services beyond R&D to include hires all along the product development pathway from early discovery through preclinical development and clinical phases, as well as product-launch and commercialization stages. Prior to her tenure in biotech, Mary held overlapping leadership roles in multiple industries including IT, media relations, restaurant-ownership, and the film industry. During her eclectic career she led one of the first Internet research companies and built cross-disciplined teams of up to 40 people. A biotech-savvy business leader, public speaker, and media spokesperson with broad exposure to diverse business models and practices, she can quickly grasp complex employer needs and consistently deliver rare biotech talent within aggressive deadlines.

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